Data Protection Policy
All personal information obtained by the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) through the application process, which is consented to by the applicant in accordance with a privacy statement, is managed in compliance with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and the “The University of Tokyo Rules for the Handling of Personal Information, etc.”
Personal information included in the application information/documents is used in UTokyo’s screening process, the announcement of results, the allocation of scholarships and enrollment procedure. Personal information may also be used for statistical analysis conducted by the relevant departments and contractors of the University for the improvement of the application process and development of the PEAK. In all cases, the applicant’s anonymity is guaranteed.
Also, please note that the personal details of applicants admitted to UTokyo may be used for:

a) Academic affairs (student registration, academic advising, etc.)
b) Student welfare services (health care, careers advice, tuition exemption, scholarship applications, etc.)
c) Allocation of scholarships
d) Levying of tuition and other fees
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